Friday, July 13, 2012

Tinala Katne

Tinala katne { dried meat }

Summer is a great time to dry meats. Tinala katne { dried meat } is so simple. It taste almost like a jerky except the meat is thick enough for stews & bbq's.

You will need:

This recipe can be tweaked to your taste. Try adding garlic powder to the dry mix. Soy sauce, ginger & sesame oil for a taste of the orient, Cajun spices, paprika, rosemary, thyme the possibilities are endless.

cut your meat to desired thickness. Season to taste.

 Arrange in dryer. Dry where it will receive most heat. I dry my meats for two days.

These can be frozen in zip lock bags stored in freezer for months. You can fry the dry beef, grill them, add them to stews.

My favorite is bbq them

try picking veggies from your garden and make a thick stew by adding your favorite veggies a can of Italian stewed tomatoes. Cook meat with stewed tomatoes, let simmer until meat turns soft. Add fresh veggies cook until veggies turn bright color. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jack's Salt N Pepper Twice Cooked Pork { original }

My dear friend Jack inspired me to get creative again in the kitchen. I have been overwhelmed with my personal life I was cooking once a week and stretching the menu x7 ways. Tonight I got creative and tweaked his picture recipe x3 times.

Please follow the steps in this recipe to complete Jack's Salt N Pepper Twice Cooked Pork PartI & PartII
Also keep in mind I do not use a measuring cup so measure and season as your palette pleases you! Remember I am only your guide. It is up to you to taste test, add more or less. Get creative. This is for YOU!

Recipe as follows:
  • Pork spare riblets { cheapest per pound  }
  • Salt
  • Pepper { whole, mashed }
  • sesame oil
  • green onion
  • garlic { chopped }
This is a very simple recipe. The steps are pretty simple.

Steps as follows:
  • Fill stockpot half way full of water and boil
  • Cut the pork riblets into desired size
  • Add into boiling water { cook for 30minutes on high until the meat is tender and almost falls off the bone }
  • Drain and set aside
 Tweaking to your palette:
  • Once the meat has cooled off add the spices. Feel free to add other spices. The sesame oil is optional however it really adds flavor to this dish.
  • Add your sliced green onion, chopped garlic, pepper
Steps before cooking:
  • Heat up your oil in a fry pan or stock pot. Use whatever you have available. Do not heat on HIGH!! Set the heat on medium temperature
  • Add pork chop to cornstarch. Drench and cover completely.
  • Fry until brown
  • Drain and Enjoy!
*This dish goes well with hot rice or can be eaten as an appetizer

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meaty Spaghetti

When I make spaghetti I think of my son Benhamin. He loves sugar's spaghetti. Growing up my mom would make spaghetti frequently. My mom made a special sauce for my dad. It was creamy, dreamy, and so nummy nummy { Benhamin translation for yummy }. I grew up eating spaghetti. At one point I made my own noodles and sauce from scratch. Hah...those were the good old days. Spaghetti is simple and very affordable. You can add more or less of your favorite ingredients.

Ingredients as follows:
  • Jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce { How many jars? Depends if you are eating by yourself 1/2 jar should be sufficient. If you are eating for two or more you would need additional jars }
  • Package of your favorite spaghetti noodle { You can go organic, healthy, cheap, name brand }
  • 1 package bacon { sliced }
  • 1/2 onion chopped
  • 1 package sweet Italian sausage
  • 1 lb mushroom { optional }
  • Boil your noodles in hot boiling water { Detailed directions on package } { Boil noodles until al'dente, drain in cold water and set aside }
  • Heat pan. When HOT add your bacon and stir
  • When bacon starts to change color add your onions
  • Add your Italian sausage and stir
  • Add your mushrooms and continue stirring until mushroom cooks
  • { This is a good time for you to add your veggies if you want } { example: bell pepper, garlic, olives }
  • Drain most of the fat from pan
  • Add spaghetti sauce and turn down heat. Heat sauce thru
Serve over noodles.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Shrimp

If you have these ingredients you can make this dish in less than 5 minutes. Depending if you have fresh or frozen shrimp. I do not believe on using measuring cups. My taste buds will tell me if I need more or less of the spices. You can omit some ingredients.If you don't like onions don't use it. You can also add to this dish and make it your own. It took me less than 5 minutes to come up with this simple dish I am confident you can come up with your own special dish.

Ingredients are simple and basic: { Use more or less depending on your taste buds }
  1. sliced ginger
  2. sliced onion
  3. clove garlic crushed
  4.  4T.  more or less vegetable oil
  5. salt/pepper
  6. sweet chili sauce
  7. shrimp
  8. 1T butter { for flavor }
  1. Heat your fry pan once HOT add oil
  2. When oil is heated thru add garlic,onions,ginger stir until they ingredients start to sweat and release their aroma
  3. Add cleaned and divined shrimp stir until shrimp turns opaque
  4. Add salt pepper to taste
  5. Add sweet chili sauce { more or less }
  6. Turn off heat
  7. Add butter
Enjoy this dish with hot rice or wrap in lettuce leaves

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fried rice with takuang and seaweed

This is not your ordinary fried rice. Years back when I was still testing my culinary skills I made this fried rice for my dad. He always enjoys what I made for him. Last night I noticed I had a full jar of koko takuang, some seasoned wrapped seaweed and left over rice from the night before. I made this fried rice for my children for the first time and they enjoyed it. They requested if I can make it again.

* koko takuang - pickled spicy takuang [ radish ]

* seasoned sea weed- Nori is the Japanese name given to various types of edible seaweed and algae, which are also called laver. The origin of Nori can be traced back all the way to ancient China and Japan around the 8th century. Nori is usually used as a wrap for sushi but it can also be found paired with various Asian dishes such as Onigiri (a Japanese triangle shaped rice ball), miso soup, or just eaten plain as a snack. It has a high mineral salt content and is a good source for iron, calcium, fiber, and many different types of vitamins. The algae used to make Nori grows on the surface of the sea and is farmed using huge nets. In fact, 230 square miles of the Japanese coast line are dedicated solely to the production of Nori, over 300,000 tons of Nori are produced every year. That’s a lot of sushi!

*Sesame oil:

  • slice up takuwan [ta-ku-ang]
  • sea laver [ using scissors cut into desired size ] [ use last ]
  • cooked rice [ how many cups all depends on how much you will be feeding ]
  • sesame oil [est. depending on how much rice you will be using ] [ use just enough to add aroma on the rice but not to over power the flavor ] [ drop, teaspoon all depends on your taste buds]
  • salt/pepper
  • garlic clove [minced]
  • vegatable oil
  • saute garlic in oil. Once you smell the garlic add the rice and stir to ensure that the garlic does not burn.
  • continue stirring the rice to make sure all the rice is mixed in
  • add seasoned salt and pepper
  • stir rice together to enure seasoned salt and pepper mixed in
  • add sesame oil
  • stir rice again to ensure oil is mixed in
  • taste
  • add more or less seasoned salt
  • plate your rice
  • add the seasoned seaweed on top
  • decorate sides with more daikun
Gof mange!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2nd cookie list:

my cookie baking is starting to taste alot like Christmas~ the ingredients are simple and this recipe is easy to make. yummy yum yumzness!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Coconut Stuffed Crab

Once I mastered making this dish I was hooked. The flavors get better the following day. I am sure if you love coconut crab this dish will be gone the day you make it. The ingredients are pretty simple.

you would need the following:
  • about two cups lump crab meat / 16oz can of Phillips premium crab meat claw
  • butter and lot's of it!
  • minced onion [optional /use more or less depending on your preference]
  • one clove garlic [optional/ adds flavor to dish]
  • one 14oz can coconut milk
  • kimchee base [optional]
  • pepper
  • local hot pepper [doni] for a spicy dish
  • flour [just enough to make the mixture stick but not dry]
  • organic shredded coconut unsweetened
  • saute minced onion and garlic in butter until soft. Set aside to cool
  • open crab meat. add to bowl. add cooled sauteed onion
  • add crab meat mixture and mix together 
  • add flour to mixture. add enough flour to bind the crab meat
  • add coconut milk enough to cover mixture but not watery
  • add pepper or local hot pepper [doni] for a spicy dish
  • add some kimchee base just enough to add light taste but not over powering the crab
  • butter your containers
  • add your crab meat mixture
  • add left over coconut milk to pan. bring to a light boil add flour mixture and stir until thicken like light custard
  • top crab meat with coconut custard
  • add shredded coconut
Heat oven to 400 degrees. Place your crab meat dish on top of a cookie sheet. Add water enough to cover entire cookie sheet but not over flow. Heat until topping turns golden brown.